Redesigned....From The Ground Up!

Doosan’s Outstanding Reputation for Durable, Dependable and Operator Friendly forklifts is Further Enhanced with Our New 1,500kg to 3,500kg Heart-of-the-Line Pro 5 Series.

Providing a Well Balanced Mix of Enhanced Technology, Operator Comfort Refinements, Performance Efficiencies and Serviceability Advances, These New Pneumatic forklifts will Increase Productivity and lower your Operation Costs with Features Like:

      - Optimized Operator Comfort Provisions

      - High Powered, Fuel efficient, and Emission Regulation . Compliant Diesel, LPG and Gasoline Engines

      - Virtually Maintenance-free Oil cooled Disc Brakes

      - Power Reversal Transmission

      - Lift and Tilt Locking Hydraulic Control Valve

      - OSS(Operator Sensing System)

A Comfortable Operator Enhances Truck Performance

Our ergonomically designed and spacious operator compartment combined with a variety of operational enhancements will facilitate ease of operation and help boost output in any application.


Operator Friendly Features Include:

Spacious and Well Planned Operator compartment

Ample operator leg room, tiltable steering column and
ergonomically positioned operator pedals combined with
a low cowl height facilitate ease of operation.

Integrated Instrument Panel

The centralized and integrated easy-to-read instrument
panel maximizes operator efficiency. Fuel gauge, engine
hour meter, engine oil pressure, coolant and
transmission temperature, mast interlock, transmission
neutral, seat belt, brake oil level indicator keeps
operator aware and informed of all vehicle performance

Convenience Package

Handles refreshments, paperwork, small tools, etc. for operator efficiency

Auto Tilt Leveling (Optional)

Returns mast to upright vertical position with the push of a button.

Operator Sensing System

- Parking alarm : Alarm warning when operator leaves the seat without applying parking brake

- Seat belt indicator : Seat belt warning light for 10 seconds reminds operator to fasten seat belt

- Neutral shift feature : Transmission is automatically shifted into neutral when the operator leaves the seat with the engine running and the direction lever in orward or reverse

Rear Grab Bar with Horn (Optional)

When operator drives in reverse, rear grab bar enables horn activation to alert surrounding personnel

High Powered and Fuel - Efficient Diesel, LPG,
Gasoline Engines Provide High Performance Levels

The Doosan forklifts powerful 2.3L, 3.3L, diesel engine and 2.0L, 2.4L LPG / Gasoline engine are Tier-2 and 3 compliant for reduced emissions.

These in-line, 4-cylinder, water cooled, overhead valve engines provide high torque at low engine speeds for applications requiring ramp loading and unloading, fast lift speeds, or heavy hydraulic flow requirements.

- 2.3L Diesel Engine(A2300)

A2300 engine is designed for all-round application with power and economy. Its torque curve at low speed yields excellent durability and low noise levels. For enhanced serviceability, all service access is possible from one side of the engine.

- 3.3L Diesel Engine(B3.3)

This B3.3 diesel engine is designed exclusively for Industrial vehicle applications. Especially optimized engine design provides efficient fuel consumption, low noise and low emission longer service interval.

- G420F Gasoline / LPG Engine

The low fuel consumption and highly-efficient 2.0 liter G420F gasoline or LPG gas engine includes automatic valve lash adjusters which help to reduce engine maintenance. Five main bearings provide a solid and stable support base to the crankshaft for additional durability and longer life.

- G424F Gasoline / LPG Engine

The optional 2.4 liter G424F gasoline or LPG gas engine provides greater torque and higher performance. The engine includes automatic valve lash adjusters which help to reduce the engine maintenance. Five main bearings provide a solid and stable support base to the crankshaft for additional durability and a longer life.



Designed Compartment for Service Ease

- Integrati0n of Electrical Components for Easy Maintenance Fuse and relay box located in front of engine room.

- Dual Element Air Cleaner Heavy duty air cleaning system extend engine service life and allows clean, cool air into the engine intake system

- Tool - less Side Cover and Floor Plate for Serviceability


A Hallmark of Durability and Reliability

Doosan’s Goal is to Make Your Material Handling Operation as Efficient and Reliable as Possible by Minimizing Your Forklifts Down Time to Reduce Overall Maintenance Cost.

- Oil- Cooled Disc Brakes(ODB)

Virtually maintenance-free, ODB equipment on all 1,500kg~3,500kg series forklifts. The enclosed brake system eliminates outside contamination significantly extending the brake life up to 5 times longer when compared to conventional shoe brakes. That's why they come with our industry exclusive warranty.

- Power reversal transmission
  Top mounted control valve
   - accurately modulates clutch oil pressure
   - smooth forward / reverse direction changes
   - long transmission life
  Top located plug type test ports
   - easy to check and clean

- Full floating drive axle
   Strong one-piece cast housing
   - axle components aligned
   - high tensile alloy steel axle shaft extends axle life
   Splined side gear, drive hub gears transmit high torque to drive wheels

- Hydrostatic steering system
  - Fully hydrostatic steering
  - Self - aligning taper roller bearings
  - Designed to operate in contaminated environments and high impact
  - Low effort steering and faster response

 - Increased Cooling Capacity
   Aluminum radiator provides excellent cooling capacity with improved air flow.



Proven Quality,Responsive Service and A Reliable Partner....

After sales servicing of Doosan forklifts is available from both the selling dealership and Doosan’s own customer service center. And Doosan provides 100% parts inventory to insure any downtime is minimized.

When you own a Doosan forklift, our high quality, responsive customer support team comes with it. The Doosan network starts with your local dealer and ends with a national team of highly qualified and experienced personnel standing ready to support all your material handling needs.

For more information, please contact with your regional Doosan dealers